Actor Story

An eighties baby born into a nomadic family in a town at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas. Spent my mornings watching MTV “The Grind” before throwing on my L.A. Gears and taking my journey through the tumbleweeds to get to school. The same school I would meet my fellow broad and best friend. Bowl cuts, Beavis and butthead impersonations, and pogs are where we begin our bond. Pan to twenty years later in the city of bright lights and vices, Las Vegas; where our bond would become bourbon and dive bars on Christmas eve. The same city I went through my top gun phase riding a street bike to my flight lessons (that came with complimentary aviators). Always craving adventure eventually lead to traveling from country to country to pursue snowboarding and mountain biking on as many mountains my bank account would allow. All of these elements combined have made me who I am today. A world traveling whiskey enthusiast that makes terrible jokes, enjoys a late night fourth meal, and has been known to sleep talk with stuffed animals.