• 2017Broads of Bourbon Season 1

Actor Story

The first undeclared sneaker head of her time, Mary was part of her own one-woman dance group on the elementary play-ground known as (Sneaky-FEET). A couple of missteps and over calculated electric slides led to a chance meeting between Mary and Delilah in the school cafeteria while Mary was doing what she calls the “werk” (the group grew by one that day). The bond was instant. Cemented with friendship necklaces and bad impersonations, they knew they were going places. Mary is a collection of everything stereotypical and thought that riding a Razor scooter was cool up until she went to college. Her favorite past times include: googling schnoodles, solving murder mysteries in Cabot Cove, gold prospecting, and singing 80s ballads. She also loves: puns, boba, Wes Anderson movies, and very passive aggressively accusing people of using her bar of soap.

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